Fees for Lost, Damaged, or Replacement of Meters and Equipment

Charges for Lost Meters

Centormail Meter $1,000
Jetmail Meter $1,000
Mymail Meter $2,000
T-1000 Meter $1,000
Optimail Meter $1,000
Optimail 30 Meter $3,000
PostBase $3,000
PostBase PSD Only $1,000
Ultimail Meter $1,000
Mastercards $50
Scales MSRP at time of loss
Other rental equipment related MSRP at time of loss


Fees for Meter Exchanges Not Covered Under a Warrantee Claim or Contract Change

Meter Exchange Due To...Fee
Change of Address of Service $40
Locked Out of Meter $95
Lost or Damaged Equipment $50
Failure to Complete M&S Inspection $100
Returning Replacement Meter Instead of Replaced Meter $100


Failed Payment Fee:

Lower of $50 or maximum allowed by law.