Sending in Postage Payments via Check

Send postage payments by check it to the address below closest to you.

  1. Include a Postage Deposit Slip Coupon.
  2. Write your 12-digit USPS® CIN Number on the check.
  3. Make the check payable to "CMRS-FP."

Mail via First Class or Express Mail

(Allow 10-12 business days.)

P.O. Box 0505
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0505

P.O. Box 7247-0119
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0119

P.0. Box 894707
Los Angeles, CA 90189-4707

Mailing via Fedex

(Allow 3-5 business days.)

Attn: Lock Box Dept 0505 
5450 N Cumberland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60656